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Real-time Visibility

Thanks to the integration of your devices with OCTOBERUS you can see what is happening at all your sites.

icon door
Remote Management

Securely manage access to your facilities. Authorize users and define schedules and entry zones.

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Asset Security

Manage and control your assets with OCTOBERUS. Register by location and risk.

icon building
Unlimited Scalability

Add unlimited doors, credentials, zones, floors and buildings to OCTOBERUS.

icon risk
Risks Evaluation (SVA)

With OCTOBERUS identify the risks, threats and vulnerabilities present in your company.

icon psp
Physical Security Plan (PSP)

PSP to protect your personnel, critical assets and information from any event.

OCTOBERUS Platform - Permission Management
Remote access control to enter your premises.

OCTOBERUS integrates seamlessly with different access devices for real-time monitoring.

More information
Octoberus Platform - Income Control

Manage interior and exterior access to your facilities and critical zones remotely with OCTOBERUS.


All the information in one place.
View the status of your facilities and access control.

OCTOBERUS simplifies the way you protect your assets and facilities.

In OCTOBERUS find all the information about who has entered your facilities. Manage zones with the generation of permissions, allowing access to a person or group at a given time as well as identification of risk assets within each zone.
OCTOBERUS consta de principalemnte 3 funcionalidades:

  • Authentication: Persons or vehicles requesting access to a company or a specific area will be identified.
  • Authorization: The system performs the checks and sends the order to open or not an access.
  • Traceability: We offer you the possibility to visualize the list of people who have joined us.
The information collected is analyzed through intelligent search filters. With the integration of OCTOBERUS and cameras you will be able to identify who is entering your company (person, animal or objects), avoiding incidents in seconds.
OCTOBERUS complies with the requirements and control measures to protect electrical installations and IT assets against threats that could jeopardize the security and continuity of processes and services.